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We are part of a group of young people who create content that helps them discover the world of personal growth and Vegan Friendly lifestyle.

Unlike what the classic Influencers or Content Creators do and the things that people are tired of seeing on social media and blogs, we reveal to you the most effective secrets for becoming the person you dream of being, both outwardly and inwardly, offering you valuable tips to create a new image of yourself and your lifestyle.

  • We fight against those who do not believe in yourself, who try in every way to depreciate you or lack respect.
  • We fight against those stereotypes of perfection that are seen on social media.
  • We fight against those who believe that being vegan and doing physical activity is impossible.
  • We fight against people who do nothing for the planet and for animals.
  • We fight against conformity and social homologation because each of us is unique and special.

We are a new movement, a new way of living. We are Glemstyle … and we want you in our community!

Slogan by GlemStyle:

Discover how you can create a new image of yourself and your lifestyle without giving up being Vegan,
without giving up being yourself and not worrying about the judgment of others.

Join the big family of GlemStyle.

GlemStyle we reveal the most effective secrets to becoming the person you dream of being, both externally and internally, offering you valuable tips to create a new image of yourself and your lifestyle.
Going against everything and all those who never believed in you.

All with respect for your body, your planet and the animals that live there. 🌍

The new way of being Himself

We want to spread vegan culture and philosophy under a new guise:
youthful, glamorous and sexy.

Enough with the stereotypes of the malnourished vegan “peace and love”, which has no taste in dress and that tends to attend only Vegans. Stop at the “Nazi-Vegan”.

We break the most popular preconceptions and show the whole world that we can be:

  • Beautiful,
  • Welness,
  • Fashionable,
  • Officers.

What and how do we do it?

The GlemStyle community has the mission to help all those who have low self-esteem of themselves, who may have always been “targeted” and bullied. Help people who want to become vegan, or already are, revealing all the secrets to be the best version of themselves.

Through interviews, articles, photos, videos, ebooks, books, audios and much more we try to spread our philosophy as much as possible: stop being what others would like us to be.


The Best Reviews

If you don’t know Alex Belly and Alex DC yet, you should immediately take a look at their wonderful life project, GLEM Style. We were fascinated by it.

It is always a great pleasure to meet beautiful people and to be able to compare oneself with the same lifestyle, food choices, world view and human relationships.

Tiziana & Davide

Vero Restaurant

Rush Pharma is registered in the business register as an innovative company and for this reason we are always looking for professionals who are willing and able to appreciate our products that are all gluten-free and almost entirely suitable for those who follow a vegan style. In Alessandro and Alessandro we found two experts of their sector prepared and available for comparison with whom we started a dialogue and a productive collaboration for both and that we are sure will last over time.

Dot. Gian Luigi Foschi

Rush Pharma

Why does my company work with glemstyle? Because we immediately got along, from the first moment … Same ideas, same principles, same philosophy. I immediately found Alex Belly available, solar and in line with my ideas and projects.

I am happy with this collaboration. Brings great visibility and value to Rogante !!!

Luigi Tonon


The glemstyle guys are just great! We found ourselves immediately in tune with their Vegan way of life. It is a joy for us to collaborate with them in the hope of being able to spread our products and the Vegan culture also in Spain.

Thank you guys!

Grazia Lorusso

Natura & Bontà

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