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About Us

Milan, Italy

Five years ago in the most difficult period of our lives – we were upset by the “moment of pause” of our romantic relationship, by the umpteenth professional projects gone up in smoke and by debts that far exceeded the money we had – we asked ourselves, frustrated, if we had to “try again” to stay together or maybe it was that relationship that didn’t lead us to the success we wanted. Our life was, in effect, a disaster.

It was then that, among other apparently futile attempts to get back on track, we decided to open two instagram profiles (August 2015) posting selfies and amateur videos but without a “logical sense”. We were looking for a way to be loved and appreciated.
Alex Belly

Within a year, as we posted photos and videos, the followers increased considerably. Receiving compliments helped us raise our self-esteem. Two years later and we were invited to luxury hotels and breathtaking spas, we received products directly at home and were paid by the brands we collaborated with. We were having the success we wanted to achieve!

Our teaching is that anyone, regardless of what he is and what he was, is able to learn to live and create intentionally, to love and be loved.

It was during a personal growth seminar that we were doing (in 2017) – we will be forever grateful – that we decided to open a Personal Style site named GLEM. The portal that today is visited by hundreds of men interested in 100% Vegan lifestyle.

Glem Style - Influencer Vegani Italiani

We soon realized that we were influencing a small “audience” – most Vegan or aspiring one -. We were in effect creating our own glamorous lifestyle, classy and totally in favor of everyone’s health.

They began calling us Italian Vegan Influencers. And indeed we became it.

A sublime fusion that involves body, mind and spirit.

In 2019, in love with Barcelona, we decided to move to this wonderful city with the mission of influencing the Italians and Spaniards with the most famous and authoritative portal on the male vegan lifestyle: GLEMStyle

Never stop trying!

– @alexbelly87 & @alexdc31

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The founders


Alex expert in Nutrition and Natural Prevention in 2013 becomes a Professional Naturopath. He is recognized as an expert in nutraceutical and vegan nutrition.

100% Vegan.

Today he manages several digital realities – including the Web Agency “Hypnoticmarketing.it” and “Accademiacrescitapersonale.it” the No. 1 portal in Italy on personal growth.

He defines himself as a Digital Entrepreneur.


Alex, a lover of study of the mind and personal growth, became a professional LifeCoach in 2010. BestSeller author of the book “Tu sei Divino“.

100% Vegan.

Today he manages several digital realities – including the Web Agency “Hypnoticmarketing.it” and “accademiacrescitapersonale.it” the No. 1 portal in Italy on personal growth.

He defines himself as a Digital Entrepreneur.


Borja Penacho

Borja Penacho


Born in Barcelona. He was a child with a great attraction for art, and everything that represented creative freedom, with a fascination for beauty.

He carries out projects for advertising posters, fashion catalogs, campaigns, editorials, portraits, and also some activities as creative director and as fashion films and videoclips.

Fabio Cocchi

Fabio Cocchi


He has always been in love with graphics and photography.

He created the 2NT7 (two-n-t-seven: 27 – my lucky number), with the desire to capture stories and moments with originality.




Be the most famous and influential portal on Vegan lifestyle that influences the male world in a cool, conscious and balanced way … with a touch of glamor.


GLEMSTYLE is the Italian portal dedicated to the man who chooses a vegan lifestyle without giving up the glamor and the new trends of the moment.

Topics such as:

  • health,
  • supply,
  • sport & fitness,
  • fashion & style,
  • local & restaurants,
  • hotel & Spa,
  • do you travel,
  • personal growth and spirituality.

It will help you live a vegan, healthy, happy and beautiful life with a touch of glamor and elegance.

They call us the “Mariano Di Vaio” of the Italian Vegan world.


Because GlemStyle goes beyond the commercial, beyond the product, beyond the purchase of something. GlemStyle wants to convey to you how to live a life in a holistic way. Where every area and aspect of your life is in harmony with everything else. GLEMSTYLE wants to inspire you to live your life to the full, because you deserve it!

The web is full of Influencers able to convey any product to a more or less extensive audience of followers.

Very often, however, the products, locations, hotels, etc., shared by influencers are, in most cases, ends in themselves.

Imagine what it would mean, to use a product conveyed by GlemStyle that not only can be cool, trendy but that contains a secret, a broader concept able to work in a “holistic” way and that manages to influence the life of a 360 ° person and without harming the animals.

All this is possible. We have studied the most important successful characters and we have understood that to make the real difference in life, it is not just to be fashionable, but to know how to live by making the right choices, deciding to use healthy products, attend places and think in a way functional, or that is able to make you live the life of your dreams, making you be, have and do what you’ve always wanted. Avoiding extremism and free indignation that lead to nothing. The key is always the example.

The secret to your happiness and your personal success?

The answer: GLEM STYLE.

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